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Innovative and driven, I'm Jordan Schnur, a Full Stack Software Engineer skilled in PHP, JavaScript, and a suite of modern technologies. I excel in crafting applications that power enterprises and startups alike, ensuring scalability and high availability. With a rich background in remote team leadership, I bring projects from concept to deployment with a focus on efficiency and user experience. Curious about my work? Take a moment to explore the site and discover the versatility and depth of my engineering portfolio.

Work Experience

Full Stack Software Engineer | ZeroedIn Technologies | Pittsburgh, PA

05/22 – 03/24

  • Directed an 8-member remote team, enhancing project communication and collaboration, while effectively managing development sprints using Jira.
  • Engineered a robust full-stack data analytics application that processes over 2 terabytes of data, significantly boosting data insight acquisition for leading Fortune 500 companies and government agencies using PHP, React, and TypeScript.
  • Orchestrated the successful launch of a flagship application, achieving optimized workflows and peak efficiency.
  • Implemented a high availability, scalable microservice architecture with RabbitMQ, Airflow, and AWS, achieving 99.99% uptime for critical messaging services.

Full Stack Software Engineer | JazzHR | Pittsburgh, PA

02/21 – 05/22

  • Engineered robust CMS components within a high-traffic environment, ensuring seamless content management and presentation using TypeScript, Angular, SASS, PHP, and Symfony.
  • Developed a Java-based microservice, processing over 100,000 applications daily, integrating with Apache Kafka for reliable data streaming.
  • Led key projects from inception to launch, consistently meeting and exceeding stakeholder expectations.

Founder | Shockley Consulting | Pittsburgh, PA

9/22 - Present

  • Established a consulting firm providing comprehensive software solutions, from conceptualization to deployment, emphasizing custom functionality and high-performance standards.
  • Specialized in cross-platform development and engineered tailored web and mobile applications for diverse clientele, ensuring scalability and responsive design.
  • Advocated for and implemented DEI initiatives, fostering an inclusive environment and enhancing company culture.

Instructional Specialist | Trilogy Education | New York, NY

12/21 – 12/23

  • Facilitated cutting-edge web development bootcamps, mentoring students through hands-on projects in JavaScript, PHP, and modern frameworks.
  • Curated a comprehensive curriculum focusing on full-stack development practices, contributing to the professional growth of over 150 aspiring developers.
  • Collaborated with a team of educators to refine teaching methodologies, integrating industry best practices to enhance instructional delivery.

Online Freelance Programmer | Pittsburgh, PA

01/16 – 07/20

  • Developed and deployed custom web and mobile solutions for over 20 clients, focusing on user-centric design and functionality across platforms using Java, C#, .NET, JavaScript, Azure, SASS, and PostgreSQL.
  • Delivered high-performance cross-platform desktop applications, demonstrating proficiency in Java/Swing and C++/Qt environments.
  • Maintained a diverse portfolio of clients across the U.S., achieving high satisfaction rates through strategic project management and client engagement.


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Mathematics and Science, Associates of Science

Community College of Allegheny County, May 2019 - GPA 3.61

Computer Skills

PHP, Symfony, JavaScript/TypeScript, React, SQL/Redis/RabbitMQ, AWS, Docker, Java

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